About BuildEES.

BuildEES (Building Engineering E-Solutions; Electronic-Solutions ) is a multinational firm dedicated to provide top-notch services in the construction industry. We aim to provide solutions to ongoing problems in US markets. The one recent problem we're currently tackling is, the labor shortage, that's partially due to Covid-19. Through E-Staff (Electronic-Staff), we aim to solve this issue.

Our humble origins
We started back in 2001 as a general contractor in Honduras, self-performing civil and electrical work. Over the years, we successfully completed important construction work, from design/builds such as a fire alarm installation in a US military base (Palmerola, 2021) to civl work such as an important suspension bridge in Honduras (Bride RIo Lempa, 2013). In 2020, after some rough years in the local construction industry, partly due to some years of economic recession and political instability in the country, we decided to move operations to the US. This time, however, not as a contractor, but as an engineering firm dedicated to solve problems in the industry. Since then, we have acquired some prominent clients in the US market, from New Mexico, to New York and New Jersey.

Our philosophy of "Quality and not Quantity" when it comes to getting client work, allow us to provide custom support and solutions adapted to each clients' needs. Added to that, the fact that we are a multinational firm, allow us to provide competitive prices with the quality of a established US firm.


Building Engineering E-Solutions


North Las Vegas, NV