From estimation to admin backoffice support, we adapt to your needs and commit 100% to you. We do this through a concept we call "E-staff". Essentially, we assign full time employees from our firm that will work solely for you and won't take any other client work elsewhere. Plus, our whole firm cannot work for your direct competitors. When we commit to you, we become part of your staff, at least electronically/virtually. But we are not freelancers or your usual remote workers.

E-Staff, or Electronic-Staff, is a concept we've come up with to describe our commitment to your company as we become part of your staff. Our company focuses on client retention, and not client acquisition. We allocate enough resources depending on your company’s needs; this includes the workforce that will focus full time on your company.

We become part of your staff. Only difference is that the people that will work full time to fulfil your company’s needs, are living abroad and work in one of our subsidiaries’ offices. This allows us to offer you competitive prices with the quality of US employees. Everything is done electronically (zoom meetings, etc.; hence, the “Electronic” in the name). Plus, we assign full time employees to only work for you.

Why would you want to work with us? For the following reasons:
• Competitive prices, provided by a US company.
• Our personnel is managed and supervised in our subsidiary’s offices, by seasoned senior
engineers with a vast experience working under US standards for construction and engineering. This enables us to manage the right personnel for you.
• Quality over quantity. We focus on a few clients at the same time to keep high quality services as well as keep your privacy. We sign Non-Competes, and NDAs when you do business with us.

Also, we make sure our English-Speaking personnel assists you with everything, so you never have to worry about language barriers. For the outside world, your whole operations are in-house.

The services

Complete take-offs and detailed estimates, with a complete report with all assemblies, and BOM. Our expertise in estimating make us the right-fit for your construction projects.

BIM Designs
BIM LOD 300 for complete shop drawings, 3D views, detailed assemblies, and a complete BOM of the whole construction. Use it for coordination and clash detection between all trades, or go a step further and do 4D by adding scheduling, a perfect tool for project management.

BackOffice Support
Answering calls, emails, contacting vendors, subcontractors, GCs, or other miscellaneous administrative work you might need, we can help you all that.

Operations Support
Any help you might need when it comes to the operations of your company. We do a complete assesment of your immediate needs and can provide the right staff to fulfill these needs. We work with you and stick with you until we improve your current operations and until we help you solve the issues you need to resolve within your company. Whether it’s problems on the field, or administrative work, we’re there to give you full support.

The fact that we assign full time employees to work solely for you, and our subscription-based business model, makes our services one of the most cost-effective in the US market.

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